One of the most interesting features of Monteblanco Circuit is VersatilityThe track offers 26 different configurations depending on the type of vehicles being used, the event, or the type of testing being carried out. The facilities are highly flexible, offering 12 possible combinations for simultaneously using 2 completely independent tracks, both with their respective pit-lanes. Thus, allowing for 2 different activities to be carried out independently at the same time. Along with the geographic location, excellent weather conditions all year round, maximum discretion for private events, the track has gained popularity with leading car companies, tyre manufacturers and racing teams.


  • 4 track configurations FIA T1 (F1 Testing) and FIA Grade 2 (Racing up to GP2) homologated
  • 26 track layouts with different handling and corner speed characteristics 12 track combinations offering customers the possibility to use 2 totally independent tracks simultaneously
  • Inner track of 1,437m equipped with water sprinkler system
  •  Longest circuit length: 4,730m
  • Total length of tracks: 5,600m
  • 3 independent pit lanes with paddocks
  • Main straight length: 960m
  • Main straight width: 15m
  • Rest of circuit width: 13m
  • Maximum gradient: 4,4%
  • 36,000m² of tarmac run-off areas and 50,00m² of gravel run-off areas 

     Variant 1

Variant 2

Variant 3

Variant 4

Variant 5

Variant 6

Variant 7

Variant 8

Variant 9

Variant 10 

Combination  1 

Combination 2 

Combination 3

Combination 4