Monteblanco Circuit 
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Dynamic driving area


The 33,000m² Paddock, divided into two ample zones for dynamic driving activities, is able to host a wide range of dynamic tests. It has direct access to the fuel station and car wash, as well as to the main building with all its facilities and services, making this area an ideal place not only for dynamic driving tests but also for all kinds and sizes of corporate events.



  • A total of 33,000m² area divided into 2 adjacent ample zones
  • Direct access to the main building (boxes, conference rooms, restaurant, offices), fuel station, car wash, heliport, parking, etc.
  • The sprinkler system offering wet weather condition simulation
  • ICE Braking Lane:70m x 4m area of Epoxy surface for testing braking without adhesion
  • WET Braking Lane: skid control driving on a wet skid pan for testing in wet conditions


Some of the most distinctive activities at the Dynamic driving area of Monteblanco Circuit:


  • Acceleration/traction
  • Car dynamics (understeer/oversteer)
  • Wet skid control
  • Stability control
  • Emergency braking
  • Curve tracing
  • Product presentations
  • Driving courses
  • A wide range of complementary activities within and surrounding the circuit