Monteblanco Circuit 
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VIP Room and Hospitality Rooms

Monteblanco facilities are provided with a VIP Room and Hospitalities to make your stay as satisfactory as possible.

The VIP Room is 120m² in size and located on the 3 rd floor of the main building. It has private access, bathrooms, Wi-Fi connection and the possibility to be adapted to our guests’ needs or desires, guaranteeing both comfort and privacy. In addition to providing excellent views of the surroundings, it has an exclusive access to a private ample Solarium-terrace, which offers a global view of the track.

Besides, the circuit facilities include Hospitality Rooms, which are located above the 8 boxes of the last module and have direct access to the boxes as well as to the ample roof terrace. Their location ensures proper visibility of the Pit-Lane and the proximity to the working area, making sure our customers get the best and most exclusive view of the events.